Here at Mayfield Horticulture we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service in the industry, to each and every one of our clients. With a huge range of services available, and a practical and dedicated approach to our labour of love, we will be sure to meet your horticultural requirements…what ever they may be.


Established in 2018, we are a small, friendly, family-run business with a wealth of experience in the horticultural and arboricultural fields. Through extensive education, industry recognised certification and a host of employment roles, we are proud to say we have picked up enough of a portfolio to establish our own business in horticulture. We have worked with some of the best and most recognised names in the industry and have a huge amount of experience in the fields of landscape gardening, arboriculture/tree surgery and the maintenance of parks, sports fields, gardens and commercial grounds.


Meet The Owner


“Hi, I’m Kyle and I founded Mayfield Horticulture Ltd. in July 2018. I have a huge amount of passion and dedication for my field of education and for the job that I do day to day. My love for the world outside has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and it has always been my ambition to work outdoors in some way. So I inevitably chose a path that would one day enable this to happen. I spent 2 years at college studying Arboriculture and Forestry and fell in love with the world of trees. I managed to secure a job with a local tree surgery company shortly after starting my studies, which enabled me to learn as much as I could in the classroom, whilst allowing me to learn new skills and insights at work. I gradually started picking up more experience and qualifications in tree climbing and felling, and after a few years I was offered a job elsewhere as a team leader. Over the next couple of years I was climbing tree’s on a day to day basis, landscape gardening once a week, and carrying on my education in horticulture. I was always eager to start my own venture, and when I felt I had all the relevant experience and certification, Mayfield Horticulture Ltd. was born.”