We offer a comprehensive grounds maintenance service to both our private and commercial clients, stretching from the regular upkeep of mature gardens and industrial areas, including car-parks and communal spaces, to garden clearances, one-off tidy ups and bi-weekly grass cutting. With our extensive education, qualifications and experience of all things horticulture, we are able to assist with the majority of the queries we receive from our clientele, leaving you secure in the knowledge that your enquiry is being handled by a professional, understanding team.



Throughout the year our maintenance schedule varies to a certain extent, this is mostly as a result in the change in seasons. From tree and shrub planting in early spring, to hedge and grass cutting during summer, right the way through to leaf collecting and snow clearing across the autumn and winter months. For both our private and commercial clients, our maintenance services include:


  • Lawn maintenance
  • Hedge cutting (including reduction)
  • Planting and border establishment
  • Leaf and waste collection
  • Tree pruning
  • Weeding and watering
  • Mulching
  • Snow clearing


For further information, advice and to book an appointment with a horticultural professional, please use the contact form.